Saturday, January 30, 2010

About being judgmental.

The older I get the more I have to correct some of my thinking. I guess it is never too late.
I have been (at times) judgemental about things which I now find out may have been a wrong perception on my part.

Take the case of rest homes. I have walked in some and down the hall I would get a whiff of urine smell which would stop my appetite for a few days. I would think this a very bad sign for a neglecting place.

I had to change that call. Since husband has problems during the night (only that so far) I will wake up around 5 in the am and sniff. Then I really wake up and know that he had a major leakage problem -regardless of the strongest Depends-
can't wait till he wakes up and I strip the bed , turn on the fan, spray the Lysoll and go wash the beddings.
Soon the odor is gone but ...think of it...if you have room after room with people who have that problem 24/7. It must be quite a job to try and stay on top of it. Perhaps I should not be so upset with the caregivers in that place. Perhaps a closer look is needed.

For decades I loathed tattoos. I was told as a kid in Europe that it was for sailors and merchant marines. Fine. Let them have it , a girls name from every port or simply "Mother" when they even would forget her birthday.
Then I started to think this was for Hell's Angels on big bikes. Perhaps even a Wrestler or two. OK so I can deal with that. They are not in my immediate family so I do not have to look at them.
Then one Christmas eve my son showed me his tattoo. Surprise Mom! He and a buddy had done a video of the whole procedure. What fun Mom, it was for class work.
Sure it was!!!!!! I was very upset to say the least.
As time went on and I became a tad more tolerant , in my life came a creature who was almost covered with tattoos.
She had a lovely face , she was very bright with all sorts of diploma's , she did not ride a big bike nor did she wrestle.
She helped people who could not help themselves. She ran group homes with love and care. WOW.
In time I let go of all my thoughts about tattoos, one way or another. Got addicted to show L A Ink and wondered why they had so "scared" me. Had to drop that judgmental attitude !

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Anonymous said...

Hi, my dear friend- Ienjoyed your blog. I understand your thoughts concerning nursing homes and tattoos too.

I have been to many nursing/ elderly homes and had the same experiences. Funny how that can be when we live so far apart (Alaska you remember). I do believe that some of the smell can be excussed away but they have much more staff than you do. Perhaps the sheets dont go to the wash as fast as they should?

Tattoos however displayed is not the best idea either. For someone who likes to help others should know. This ink is not healthy for you and what is wrong with a clean body and a clean spirit to go with it. On judgement day what will God think of all these wrinkled lines? I am not trying to be mean in any way; just trying to understand the thought pattern behind such an idea.

As we get older all the black and whites of the world seem to become gray. It has been said that the world is black at one end and white at the other, and everything in between is gray. They are right for the most part. But God wants us to me either hot or cold, NOT luke warm. Don't allow this world to soften your heart to much. It's like an ocean that keeps beating on the rocks until they become sand. God is good and Jesus is the rock. He does not move, and he is our fondation. May God continue to give you strength. Love your Alaksa Friend.