Sunday, January 31, 2010

Internet joy

During WW2 my grandma often visited and made a special type of dessert, she called it "kneukels". Little round flour balls cooked in water. I loved them, my mom sort of curled up her nose at them.
Many decades later when I asked Mom about a recipe she would say that she never made them. Asked my Belgian peers, and they never heard of it.
My grams had been for many years in a different part of Belgium so she had picked up some local cuisine. The people from Gent never heard of kneukels and I just could not let it go.
Playing a bit on computer I decided to about my search.
First that came up was the complete recipe for Kneukels, someone had posted it in 2006.
How much magic can we find on I think it is just great, some 70 years ago I fell in love with kneukels and now I can try them again and see if I still like them. Probably not as much as grandma did not make them.

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