Sunday, January 3, 2010

Now what?

Used to be the white sale came into wanting our dollars in January. Then the accountants are suddenly awake and telling us what to do with receipts , checks and balances because the tax man is a coming!

Now there are sales all the time, Turbo Tax will start their ads and people who are able to gt a refund will scramble to get it asap and help the ailing minusses from Christmas spending.

The heating bills are not creeping up but jumping higher and higher as this is already a bad winter for most of the country.

I always had this notion that when Chistmas was over with then spring was not very far. I fooled myself for years with that fantasy. This morning it was 12 F when Bijou wanted out , I did not have a thought about spring. I just watched where I was walking amidst the ice spots still here from a 2 week old storm. Falling is not on my schedule. At our age it can mean BIG trouble. I surely do not need more trouble in the health department.

Lung man said that I have a smidgeon of asthma.
I do not believe him at sir...not I.
BUT walking in the cold wind I found it very hard to breathe
and started to wonder.
I am not going to give in to that doctor.

Tomorrow there is relief, day care open again.
I will be delighted when I put Bob on the bus.
Delighted, I may make a dance.
He has been a pest, to say it gently and I am waiting to go into the bedroom to see if I have to strip it all down this morning. I am hoping for a NO.

The constant milk drinking and always a fresh glass gets on my nerves. I can't believe that he is that thirsty all the time. It looks like boredom to me, something to do.
The fact that the dishes tripple when he is home can't be changed. I try and try to tell him that he can use the same glass , that he just finished drinking 2 minutes ago but nothing is entering the brain and he repeats the whole scenario, fresh glass fresh milk. In 15 minutes he will repeat it. He used to love water, no more.

I should try and list some of my treasures on eBay, have not worked eBay in months and months. I too have over spent for the holidays but most of all Bijou getting ill and the old furnace in need of big help was my downfall.

OK so I shall go and look in the bedroom to see what is waiting for me.
Good day to every one.

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