Thursday, January 28, 2010

A shave, come to my barber shop

This is actually funny.
You guys know by now that I tell it like it is.
Scenario last night:
Husband needs a shave, this 5 o clock shadow business now so popular in Hollywood does not do a thing for him.
On Brad and George it is heavenly on my old Bob it is
"hobo like".
As soon as he sees the electric shaver he runs to the bedroom: No No No.
I say: Yes Yes Yes
the fist are forming and I stay at a safe distance but I KNOW that I have to do this.
I catch him without getting hit and push him onto the bed.
If we were youngsters you would now wait for the rest of the story but we are "late seniors" whatever that means. So cool it, this is not a porno site.
I push him down into the mattress and he screams that I am killing him, he does remember about killings (1 good point for the day) I push the face to the side and shave cheek to the right and then reverse it all. Can't touch the moustache nor chin but at least 2 shiny cheeks.
I just would like a video of this, it must look like some film noir a French director would plot.
AT last I got something done till the next time and a new technique.
He got up walked into the kitchen turned around and kissed me. He already forgot that I straddled him onto the bed for
a closer shave. Welcome to my world.

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