Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

what will it bring?
looked up last year
it was my last day at work.
That is to say outside the house work.

I am thinking that I work enough in this house.
I have become part Chinese with the large amounts of laundry -read: bed changes-daily-
I eat out one meal a week when we go grocery shopping, Mina , or Rhonda and I.
All the other meals prepared at home and I have become
an expert at both "mushy food" - no teeth Bob- and
whatever pleases picky eater son. I am starting to cook for me. Hard to do, I am always cooking for an army.

Across the street a party is in full swing.
New Year day party. Young folks, baby on the way.
I look at all the cars parked and I have to smile, inside and outside.
I am happy with my memories of "been there , done that, wear the T shirt".
Happy now to have a T shirt that tells me it is OK to be whatever I want to be and do whatever I want to do.
Of course also taking in consideration that I am a care giver.
There are some curves in the road and sometimes mountains to climb but I am very lucky as I am in good health.
All things considered.
Lost a lot of hair this year, a lot, thyroid meds and problems with it are no help. Wig shop? I may need it.
Back on WW and managed 15 lbs less so far.
I can walk up the hill without panting, that is a plus.

Have a nice roof over my head and the heater is helping me by continuing to work so....who can complain?
Most of all I have 3 kids who are near and dear, not many people can say that. Not many for sure.
We all love each other too. My help from them is enormous.

I am thinking that 2010 may be just fine.

Happy day to all!!!!

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