Wednesday, January 20, 2010

History in photos

Facebook was having old photo week so that got me started.
First photo I am 19 and my haute couture seamstresses (2 aunts) made me a gown in baby blue taffeta and tulle.
I am a new bride of 6 months and we have a gala ball to go too.

jump to the 1980's and I am back in school.
Loved auctioneering BUT did not know that you needed god lungs to work 3 hours at a time. I could not hack it !!!
I could help out but not be the major auctioneer.
I was devastated.

2007 back at work this time as auditor in Steinmart
I make employee of the year . voted by my co-workers and I am in 7th heaven. This was my best job ever.
I had to retire Jan 1 2009 and take over the tasks at home.

Last photo, together with 74 other W N C writers I am published in a book "Clothe Lines" edited and put together by Celia Miles who has quite a few books under her belt.

Life is good I will be 78 in a few months and there is still life ticking inside the old grey haired roof!

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