Monday, September 10, 2012

Cool morning-cool mood?

First morning that I needed a light jacket to walk the beasts.
Loved it.

Do not love the mood changes I am having.
Way, way, past menopause what is my excuse now?

Of course there is always the concern over Zack.
He was to go bow hunting this morning as season opened. Something came in between so...he broke his bow. He wanted to go watch the game: NO.
He wanted to do this...No and that NO.

Drs. warned that his count is very low hence he needed the blood transfusion.
I think only Brie and I know of consequences with this.
You can't mess with it and a 16 year old no matter how smart does not get it.
Does not get the danger of chemo treatments.
A new nodules under the arm had me in a frenzy, dr. said it was nothing but they will do a MRI tomorrow.
Every day there is a reaction or action needed for something else.
The body is being pumped with liquid here and liquid there.....most aggressive and killing something.

So that plays into my head pretty much a lot of the day.

I hardly notice that my yard is going to hell and I say that I do not care but when I go outside then I cringe.
So....I took 30 minutes this morning to start clipping away at the overgrown bushes...then came in rubbed my legs with aloe to soothe the mosquitoe bites and took an Advil for good measure. At least I saw a little bit of the white wall which now looks like the rainforest , all green.
I am going to try and see if a gardener is affordable.
Bob like his father has big allergies to whatever is out there.
I try to avoid that plus he is busy all day with Algebra intermittent with choice words and tempers. He wants this so badly. He did get a 92 last week.
17 more weeks to go.

Sun is out and it is warming up and just lovely.
I have to get stuff together for the October tourist crowd.
It used to be the fall colors peaked about Oct 20th but now it changes year after year. Depending on water and cold.

Now I go back to try and be..........content.........

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