Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Week end

We had a short visit from Shanon and the house is very quiet today.
Bob very involved with figures and trying his very best to get good grades in Algebra. !8 weeks of Algebra. Wowsy. Hoping for 18 weeks with smiles.

Tomorrow Zack starts rotation 2 for the months which is not a very bad one, next week is hospital week and that is another story.

Sabrina's best friends are having problems with their 16 year old.
She has blood clots in heart and lungs.
She came out of ICU a few hours ago and will go to Pediatrics.
My heart is heavy today thinking about such a brave girl, she has had
health issues before.

Meanwhile back at the Hospice place the Giant can take a ride outside in his chair
and guess what? He was smoking outside with the oxygen next to him....Sabrina went and told the nurse..he needs supervision at all times....said he I am not hurting I feel fine.......
He will bury us all, is that not what giants do?

Son is 40 tomorrow.
I can't believe it.
It is sort of a shock to him too.

He is my silent companion and once in awhile we cross paths between kitchen and bathroom and hug and go on.

I have had it with summer. When it snows and I am complaining then remind me of this line. Leaves are starting to fall.

We are September and in 2 days it is two years since Bob left us.
Seems like yesterday. I still search the bed at night , my hand going all over the place...where is he? where is he? then I touch the dog and I remember.....
It was good to be in the North then, I could not face him taking his last breath, I just could not see that. Glad Rhonda was there. I think about it often but I have no regrets.

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