Friday, August 31, 2012

The giant

I have known a giant of a man for some decades.
He is the father in law of my daughter.
I believe he is 6"7".
He now is in his 70's.
He still has a head full of very curly hair.
The kind of hair that would make Tom Jones green with envy.

The man has not 9 lives but probably 39.
He has 4 children and a bunch of grandkids.
He does not give up and in his condition I would have
signed up for euthanasia.
He has diabetes. Can hardly breathe without a machine.
Still wants to smoke even with oxygen around.
He lost his leg some years ago.
The other leg should be removed but he refuses.

About twice a month now he visits the ER with breathing problems
more blood cloths. More this and that.
After they stabilize him they send him home.

My question is usually is John home or in hospital?

His younger wife and her son have been taking care of him 24/7,I know what that is but not with a huge man who can punch your lights out in a few seconds between his oxygen machine's help.
The young man now has a hernia from lifting the giant.
They are looking for a nursing home because now he is confused and has some dementia.

So Sabrina wrote about her not finding him in the hospital, he had been sorely neglected during the night and "they" had lost him....a man with one leg, no prosthesis ( the hospital will have to account for that !!!)that was two or three days ago, I lost count.

Last night late the family got a call from the doctor.
Mr. Fisher will not make it and you better come and say your goodbyes.
Sabrina calls me, she is crying, she has done this so many times but now she is exhausted from watching her son in chemo therapy.
They all go, even Zack, it sounded very urgent.
By around midnight I get an email:
We are going home, we have said goodbye and the daughter will stay with him all night if needed. She will not leave him.

This morning I am expecting the dreaded call instead it is an email from Sabrina
he came to this morning broke his breathing apparatus ate two biscuits with chicken and became quite violent so they had to subdue him with medication.
They still think that he is dying.....aren't we all? But make no mistake this is a giant and he is not giving up.

I do hope however that they do find a nice nursing home with big football player nurses because he is not a happy camper without his cigarettes.

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Unknown said...

He is in Elizabeth House, which is a Hospice care facility. Still eating a bunch and with excellent care. Zack has said his goodbye's and says it's just to hard to go back again. He wants to remember his papaw in another way and we support his decision 100%. If Big John doesn't know how much he is loved by that kid, he never will. We also have not told Big John about the chemo, we didn't feel he needed to know as it would upset him too much, so how would we explain no hair and ashy color? Whenever his time is to go, he is ready (he told his wife several times he was ready to go, he has made his peace). Remembering the good times, with the sweet John.