Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Storm over Louisiana

Another storm over Louisiana and will go much into the middle of the USA, I think it will just miss us but we will get rain from it.
Lets hope for the best.

Sabrina had an adventure yesterday at Mission, do read her blog.
Her father in law had been admitted at 7 PM and was still in the ER when she tried to find him in the morning around 11 am.
Should make the news .........the man has one leg and has dementia and was left on the gurney and how much attention he got in between these hours is a ??????????
Sabrina will follow up I am sure................

Mission dropped a few points in my view.

I am very quiet in the "nunnery", son is struggling with Algebra..........shush ...shush...shush.

I better go wash the dishes very quietly and wait till he gets up to do the vacuuming.
It will be a good day if I can keep walking without falling and the vertigo just does not come back for a day.

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