Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Never give up on learning..........

I have it figured out.
To stay young in my thinking and exploring is very simple....with me lives a very bright son who will be 40 soon.
He keeps me on my toes with important stuff.
Together we had watched the journey of Curiosity while he kept track of the other ancient ones. If he had not been here I would not have given a thought to it all.

He is not into Nascar, football and even the Olympics left him cold.
But any changes in our scientific world he explores in fine details.
He protects anything to do with animals. He takes a spider outside and places it whre he thinks it should be, kill a black widow? No not ever. Kill a rattler? No!
He designed a large tube with handle when he sees a poisonous snake in our "village" garden he picks it up and it goes back into the woods.

His wardrobe can be put in one grocery bag. A clothe horse he never was.
I wish I could learn a bit about that. How many tops can I wear ???Really!
His T shirts are with messages like "Darwin loves you".
He can be sarcastic and very funny.

Most of all when I am in doubt I go to him and ask for advice and he never steers
me wrong. His mind is objective and does not play favorites, not even if it concerns his sisters .

Bobby keeps me thinking.

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