Tuesday, August 21, 2012

another day to learn not to worry...yeah right!

It is going to be a great week, said Sabrina.
The schedule is light for Zack only Tuesday a shot and go home and Friday checking the numbers for an hour or so......great calm week after 3 weeks of go, go go.

OK . You believe that and I have a gorgeous bridge to sell you..........
Tuesday, today comes around and Zack has more and more pain in his arm, goes for his shot and gets sick, then an ultra sound, oh, a small detail, he now has a blood cloth in the arm. Medicine is a couple of hundred dollars and the insurance has not kicked in yet. By medicine I mean each shot and he needs 2 a day.
The social worker finds a place that has it in stock and sends them there to get it and it is FREE. Wow. Sabrina is starting a "thank you" book.
The duo get a dummy and learn how to inject the shot in the tummy.
Zack tells his Mom that he can do that to himself.
My mother had these for years twice a day. She had major problems with blood clots.
When she visited here I had to give the shots and I would tremble. It is a little needle hardly a prick but I would make such a drama over it. I did hurt her more then help. Later she would have black and blue marks but at the hospital they told Zack he may have that too.

The short visit lasted from 10 am to 6 oo PM
Zack was pissed.
He is still hurting , he said an odd pain that does not stop.

Meanwhile back in our casa I was falling apart, walked around like a zombie.
No kidding. I sort of did not know what to do next and I started 5 or 6 different jobs...........Rhonda helped them there and got them lunches and stuff.

Bobby gave me the usual lecture.....if you can't help him does it help to sit here and worry? Are you making him better when you sit here and cry? Do you have that power? If you don't then stop it. Do what you need to do and just know he is in medical hands and you can't change a thing.

How many lectures like this has he given me?
I am thinking when he gets his diploma he will start to charge me.
He gave me a book:
Feeling Good the new Mood therapy by Dr.Burns.
OK OK I will open a page or two......

I will sleep well tonight, I am exhausted...........

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