Thursday, August 23, 2012

the people in Brevard

A few months ago Rhonda and I went to Burger King to have a bite to eat.
On the counter was a jar, somewhat homemade in a hurry type of jar, a picture of a young man on the front and a slot to put in money.
I picked it up and saw this nice young lad and read that he had a brain tumor and the school started a fund for him and his family. For a fraction of a second I thought "it could be our guys".

I always try to fill these with something. One day my friend said :"you do not know who will pocket this money". My answer always has been that I give what I can from the heart, if the receiver is going to mess that up , it is not my problem. It is theirs.So I do not worry about helping in a situation like that.

A few years ago, Sabrina had just started to work at the chiropractic place when their gorgeous daughter hit a tree head on on a curved road. She was months in hospital, she was comatose for a long time and slowly came out of it. The clients at the office decided to have a fund raising for the girl and they had a BBQ and a local band or something like that have a charity performance. It was a very small town getting together for a senior in high school. It did help the parents who had enormous medical and living bills having been away from work and living in another state watching their girl.

Fastforward and yesterday 2 people who did not know from each other approached Sabrina and asked if it was OK to start such a fund raiser for Zack. Sabrina did not know how Zack was going to take this and then there is Frank with a lot of pride.
She called them and after awhile both agreed to it.
So now Sabrina's friend and boss and another girlfriend are starting something for Zack.

Sabrina said to me, Mom I thought we can handle anything but my car already has used up 1000 miles going to and fro Asheville. I eat out all the time I am there, it is beginning to add up.

There is a possibility of a band coming to town in October and they agreed to have a concert for Zack, that is all still in the making so I can't elaborate about it.

This is a very small town but every body knows every body. Zack is very popular in school. Every body likes him. The girls, of course, think he is their teddy bear but I have to remind them he is my teddy bear.

Speaking of teddy bear..he already has lost 20 lbs.
Doctor told him :eat when you can and whatever you want to eat....if you feel ill then do not try it...but drink water all day long, the more water you drink the more junk we will clean out of your body..." He does not have his appetite back, many things taste differently metal like.
He has become an adult in the last 4 weeks, he now knows more about his body and is learning how to take care of himself.
Jars of hand cleaners are at all entry doors in their house and everyone is
looking out for him too.

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He's in my prayers J!