Saturday, August 18, 2012

November 6th

By the time it turns Tuesday voting day I hope I was smart enough to get a write in vote and I am all done. Standing in line is not my favorite with a bad back.

So I will vote for Obama in case someone wants to know.

But after seeing all the ads on TV I will take that day off and crawl in bed put the covers over my head and sleep till the7th.

No more CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS hoopla for me that day.
Did I forget Fox? No, I never watch them.

Lets get this over with..

So the thought came to me to about the hoopla now in session if we should have and ID or not at the polls.

That just reminds me of my native Belgium, every soul in B. has to vote.
If you are ill they send a car for you, they go into hospitals and nursing homes
and get votes. Illegal to refuse.

I know, I know, freedom of speech and all that ...but what would happen if we changed this here?

And when will it be illegal to continue the super ads paid for by "who knows?"
Of course we know. Why can 2 old brothers who play with money for fun just try and dangle all this money to play with the political gurus like they are puppets.
I know they have them on both sides. It is disgusting. I think I may go to bed now and crawl under the covers.

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