Thursday, August 2, 2012

Falling is my middle name

I can't remember falling a lot, well a couple of times in Belgium when I do not look where I am going and I trip over the cobble stones. Just a bloody knee in front of a bus of tourist. (red faced)

I changed all that with becoming a senior. I also fight with vertigo, it comes and goes without sending me an email. I turn around and bingo I hit the wall.

in 2010 I broke my ankle in 3 places. Hardware holds me together.
Last year, got out of my chair and swirled around like a stiff balerina and fell on my derriere with great noise. Result= Dr. Bones said simply: You broke your back!
I thought this could not be since I am still walking but it is a bit of a problem and a bit of a pain.......

Third fall: couple of nights ago, half asleep, I am trying to find my nightlamp and misjudge, fall out of bed, first contact with something solid is my eye and the corner of my night stand. Big wham!!!
and this is how I look:

I can promise you, my best friends, I have not had a drink since I went to see
Neil Diamond !!! The rampant psoriasis makes it impossible for me to drink a glass of wine or scratch, scratch all day.

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