Saturday, August 4, 2012

shopping today

Rhonda will take me shopping and then on to have lunch with Brie and fill my shop with the stock I just finished. I have been working, it is a relief, working needs detailed attention. No time to think of anything else. I am even thinking Christmas already and ordered some beads just for that season.

New handcarved beads on the market, they are expensive, some go for 60.00 for one bead, can't work with that but I did buy one for 22.oo. A cat.
Will be an expensive necklace for sure. Have to add 20 inches or more other beads to it.

I am rattling, I miss Sabrina and Zack and I can't give away the ache in my heart. Zack will meet a young man who had the same cancer on his leg and into the bone. He is all healed and he will share with Zack what is to come.

I run around with nausea for hours and fight getting rid of it , this way since childhood, son Bob does the same and now poor Zack has the same tendency. I feel for him.

My eye looks a bit better but I am not happy to go out with that.
My breast hurts all the time so I take an Advil when it is too much. I am not allowed to take Aleve , too hard for the kidney said doc.

It is raining, I do not care, the garden is a disgrace, I do not care, I cultivated 2 tomatoes from my 8 plants, I do not give a damn. Weeds are almost knee high and I do not give a damn. Bob has his own big problems as he has great difficulty to write and please a Rev.religious teacher with phylosophie. If he wrote what he feels he would get an F (he thinks) he is very uptight about his grades so he struggles a lot in this course. Another 2 weeks. Then they change again.

*I think if I was a drinker I would be drunk all the time now. As a matter of fact I miss my Valium from the 1970's. Way to go...........

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