Saturday, August 18, 2012

morning routine

My morning routine is changing somewhat.
After taking Bijou for his 1/2 hour walk I get my ice cold Starbucks coffee (260 Cal!) and $$$$dollars and head for the computer.
I used to do the emails first now it is to see if Brie has posted something new.
I just sit and read, all the ups and downs of the teddy bear I love.
He has it rough. She has it rougher.
We do not call each other as we used to I think because we both become
blubbering idiots and no one needs that.
I sit by the computer and become a solo blubbering idiot.
I feel like I am 1000 miles is only about 30 miles.
I don't drive but I also am wise enough to know that Zack would take one look at me and wonder why his Meme is so sad.
He might think that I know something he does not and that is not so.
He would try to read me, he always does.
I look around and have finished my coffee and do not even remember it.
I missed the good taste while the tears are flowing.
I will now get to the email and then my Facebook games.
I have many people I scrabble with and that needs some attention.
I will have a great day because everything will be OK.
I am working on that now......

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