Monday, August 6, 2012

Good times

As time passes and reality sinks in a bit more every day this means that I am getting calmer. Zack has gone shopping for a run about car and tells his mom "it is a secret for Meme, do not tell her, I want to tell her".
The secret is out as Mom blasted it on her blog, it is an oldie and
Zack said :My truck is too high for Meme to get into....

I am spoiled.
He is already looking for trips with me. Going shopping or running around having a lunch or two.

We met the troops on Saturday, Nick Rhonda, Peter and I.
Straight to the drugstore cafe with Brie joining us and the best hot dog and ice cream.
Filled my shop and forgot the earrings, dummie me.

Waiter is looking at me and my very purple eye, he is quiet, I tell him:
"Look, you should have seen the other lady, flat on the floor!"
He laughs out loud , my kids cover their faces ,they no longer have a mother at this table.
People walk by and take a second look, most Sabrina reminds me think I am that lush and got drunk or was in a car accident. Do they not know that old ladies do fall?
Guess not. Guess I will not be evil and wish "vertigo" on them all but I did think about it for a second or two.

Today it looks like a make up smear. Who cares?

Yesterday was an exciting day as Bob and I had watched all the details and the film on how Curiosity was put together, what a job of engineering and how many fingers touched all these wires, metal gadgets, cameras etc....thousands of hands all
with a dream..."What I am doing today will visit Mars...." how many people can go home and tell their kids that.

Bob is very much into Nasa studies and has taught me a lot. When before I was just thinking we were wasting money. I owe Bob as I am learning a lot from him, the mind half my age and always "on".

The gadget is going to land tonight on Mars and they will not know if it is OK and how it landed for 7 minutes as this has to do with time travel.
It left in November 2011 and took all this time to get there.

At 1.30 am Bob wakes me : Come see Mom, it landed!!!!!!!!!
I was up till 3 am reading and looking at all the reportage and I was just beaming.
Got up then at 12.30 PM , half of my Monday was shot but what the hay..........
History was made during the night.

My great grandchildren will read this and say: "What was the big deal? Look where we are now".

My great grandfather Alphonse Wein was a gas light walker in the city of Ghent.
He lit the gas lights on the streets in the evening and turned them off in the morning. No electricity yet in the streets.
His wife and 2 daughters went with their mother to the weaving factory, the children sitting under the mother skirt to keep warm as the textile revolution had taken place in the Flanders.

Think what I can recall from first hand stories and about 120 years of changes.
I am not always sure it is progress, but that is my small mind.

My first movie, Pepe, (maternal grandfather) had me for a few months and decided we would go to the cinema. He had never been, neither had I, I think I was about 8 or9.
When we went home, he told me that he was very upset. He said that the pictures were a puzzle. You never saw how the woman went from her kitchen to the bedroom.
Had she gone into a hall? He wanted to have the movie show us every step of real life movements , the actress in her kitchen and second later in the bedroom just did not click for him.

I sat on the floor with my small ones when we started going into space and we viewed it on TV in black and white. Last night I watched on my computer a live story of grown man waiting in silence for their machine to land.

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