Monday, August 20, 2012


I am sick and tired of phone calls (again) political, commercial stuff and every charity I ever donated to ....all want my attention ...most want gifts of money and information for their data and the banks want to "give" me a credit card.

I thought all these calls were illegal and we did sign some time ago to not have these disturbances. But like in the movies....they are back !!!!!!!

So this week I was in a bad mood, some bank calls and wants me to know that\
I have a credit card at the ready blah blah blah....I cut her off from reading her whole damn script and tell her:

"I do not need a credit card, I will vote for Obama, and I have no more money for charities and I hang up. Figure that should cover them all."

Not ten minutes later a call: Would you please just drop these envelopes to the people up and down your street for X charity, poor little children blah , blah, blah...
by now I am somewhat red in the face. Call it anger if you will. I cut her off too and tell her this:"I am 8o years old, I do not speak to my neighbors and they do not speak to me and I am happy with that and so are they, so NO I will not drop of anything to go and beg for you"

I have had it, I used to be the friendly door mat but NO MORE
I hope they write under my name "cranky old woman or worse".

Knock on the door...excuse me....

Two nice young men , white shirts, black paints....I know who they are
Romney sent them.
I do not open the door and the dogs keep on barking.....

Leave me alone so I can Scrabble in peace and quiet.

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