Sunday, August 12, 2012

Emus and Kangaroos can't walk are you not excited to find this out? Yahoo mailed it to me. Blame them.

Cool Sunday feels a bit like September, the squirrels are everywhere.
Black walnuts are dropping already. Most of my garden rotted from the daily rains.
Mosquitoes have moved in forever.

I am in a mood and can't explain it all here because this site also has ears.
I am finally without pain from my fall, took about 2 weeks.
Assuming nothing was broken, I did not see a doctor. See enough of them.

Zack shaved part of his hair in anticipation.
Brie took a photo he looks so darn sad.

I have not been the same since June 6 when he had his surgery. This hangs in your psyche, in your bones, in your heart and soul. You can't stop thinking about it.
I talked to Bob about it and he feels exactly the way I do.
All our lives changed when this boy had cancer.
Must be cautious to say HAD it. It is gone.
The treatment as precaution is the bad guy here and one does not dare
not have it when the odds of a comeback is 85 %.
The year will be what we make of it.
I must turn my thinking to absolute only good for him.
The treatments may not affect him badly.
He is not getting upset about his trips to and fro.
He can work on his car.
He can go to Nashville when all is said and done.
His friends will stick by him.
I must change all my thoughts.

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