Saturday, August 11, 2012


I am always wondering why the Ukraine is interested in an old lady with her blog of little interest to anyone except my best friends.

The girls are very busy today making Zack's room perfect and germ free.
New floor , new paint, etc..etc..
hope Zack likes it. He picked the color.
Tuesday he goes to hospital for more tests and tests and overnight.....

He told his Mom he is tired of needles and feeling tired.
I tell myself OK 2 weeks are gone now. Lets start the countdown.

Watched little of the O's this week but continue my work in ordering for Christmas and continuing my fall collection. Last night when I went to bed I could not even look at another bead. I thought what the hell am I doing? I should sit in a chair reading and eating bonbon.s (Belgian of course) but I do not need fattening up.

Bob following daily the Curiosity and explains me every detail. I love it.
As the wheels turn there is a morse code message for the lab on earth.
I do not remember how many camera's there are but I am interested in what it will dig up and then examine "it" within the Curiosity and send back the findings.
I am so much into stones now that I am truly interested.
How much will a stone from Mars be???One day some old lady will be sitting making necklaces from Mars Jasper.

So we have our share in gold in the Olympics, we are a large nation...
we should have that many. England has 26 gold and probably the size of
New York State. I am not discounting the US Gold and others but I find it normal that we do have that many athletes.

Early on I read that it is the year of the "woman".
In the O's our girls beat the boys! Enough said.

Why some still need to drink too much, enjoy the green leaf stuff and KNOW that they will be tested, that is beyond me. Do they know how much their parents have spent
on their sport journey?????

More rain today, we had deluges every day and then sun and humid.
The tomato plants just rotted. A lot of flowers too.
In the middle of America we have the dust bowl all over again and a loaf of bread is going to be come expensive, not to mention gasoline and a zillion other things, farmers do not have feed so they are selling stock all over the affected states.
One man I saw sold all his pigs and he was in tears.
Corn is at a premium there and here in WNC we have a great crop but not enough to feed this country in the next year.

Back to work now and beading..............

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