Saturday, September 15, 2012


Meh is my son's favorite word.
What does it mean?I did not find it in my Official Scrabble Dictionary....
Say what? There is Websters...
No no no I am scrabbling with at least 6 people and at least 2 hours a day, I deny enjoying it , I tell myself that I am doing this so I would not have dementia...yeh right!

So back to Meh!!!! It has been a "Meh" week.
Daughter number one tells me I am in a depression....can't be I am taking 2 pills of Lexapro a day ....I can't be depressed.

I did notice that this week I did not win many games in my scrabble and for me that is not important just annoying and a sign that I have not been with "IT"
Now "IT" is allowed and did you know "SH" is allowed??

I am going back to the Meh week and "Sh" already.

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