Sunday, September 16, 2012

Zack second month

I now do not count the days till a holiday or a vacation.
I count the months which Zack endured in his program.
Each month he has 3 weeks to go to and fro Asheville and the
cancer center. The third week is a week in hospital.
That is the worst for him. Then if all the numbers are good he has a week off to try and recoup.
So we are minus 2 months.
I read Sabrina's blog first thing in the morning.
It sets the tone for my day and by afternoon I may be more settled
and not in an inner rage and concerns.
I can't participate, I do not drive, I do not hear.
But just to hold him and hug him would be so rewarding.
It is what it is.
I love this kid with every fiber in my being ,like he is my own.
I do not know how Sabrina holds it all together.
My heart is with her, every word she writes I feel with her.
It is Children's month with cancer and how many times have you heard about it???

With all respect for breast cancer which is every where what research is going on ,how much of it, how much money do they have for the children. Do little girls have to grow breast before they get attention? I am not sure anymore.

Biltmore castle is doing a marathon next spring for the Alzheimer Association.
Great. I am all for that too. The owners have been touched by this illness and that is always a good wake up call.

When it hits home then you are more aware, I would not have paid much attention to the National Child week for Cancer a year ago, I must confess, now it is another story.

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