Friday, September 7, 2012

The speeches

I missed Mrs.O. I read it was fantastic.
How I loved Clinton, he is such a smooth talker and you believe him,
well I do.
Of course it is well known that these 2 are not best buddies but in this year they need each other.
Obama needs his input in the campaign.
Clinton wants a Democratic Presidency so in 4 years if she so wishes
Hillary can start being our first female President and she would be very good at it.
As Head of State she is doing great in a man's world. Also in a world still with wars and discords.
I always loved the VP he is the man on the train every day to DC he is the guy next door. He is blunt, Makes mistakes in his speeches but he is a fixture in DC.
When I listened to Obama he was cautious.
No big promises, nothing written in stone that he can't do in the next 4 years but promises of hope. He used the word HOPE several times.
Now I hope that he learns how to court the money givers, unfortunately the way it is set up right now the money machine is start6ing to add up in the hundreds of TV ads which are tiring , exhausting, turn the button "off" kind of scenario.
If TV ads are going to make a difference on voting day then it shows how very stupid we all are.

When Obama was elected and I was overjoyed BUT I told everyone that there is no way he can rectify the errors from Bush in the next 4 years...the costly wars...the bad economy....even Clinton said that no President would have been able to correct everything in 4 years.....I hope Obama continues to fight for the little people and not the corporations.
He has my vote!!!

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