Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday and all is well

Had a fantastic day and I am not sure why but I will take it.
I am having so much fun learning to handle the new computer and
the new camera.
Then I got a very nice long email from a friend who wrote about my husband when they were both in college.
It was very touching.
I managed to clean up quite a bit and enjoy the weather.
Then old Bob came home in a bad mood but I did not let it get to me,
that is the good part.
I may be in for a difficult night but will try and stay in my mode.

Sabrina is out camping and the first thing on the news tonight was a
drowning at the lake where they camp. Finally they said it was an 18 year old. That does not make it any better for that family involved but I did
relax my stomach a bit when I knew it was not my gang involved.
Selfish, I know.Sorry. I can't handle the slightest upset anymore, I am
totally spent when it comes to accept bad news.

Good news in sport. The only thing I do watch is the Stanley Cup play offs and NC or Pittsburg I was rooting for.
Miracle, Pittsburg won. Detroit will be angry tonight while they will swing and sway in the PA streets.
I say Miracle but this is a young team with the next Gretzky among them, a kid named Crosby, he has talent! He also got hurt but did come back on the ice.

Here's hoping for a nice week end, a quiet one.

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