Sunday, June 14, 2009


I am in a mood. I am trying, trying hard to come out of it.Usually Sunday mornings I watch the politicos, Biden is on this morning and I have yet to turn on the TV.

I would prefer to have a cooking show now and I start something new in the kitchen and eat and eat.
It is only 9 am, Jeannot, give it a break.

Last evening was horrible with old Bob. He was in a mood and nothing I made for him suited him.
Now if he eats a strawberries he takes out what he thinks is bad ,like a tiny seed.
I forgot the first rule last night : NEVER ARGUE
Result: I made myself miserable, when will I ever learn.

Gorgeous day today. Slight breeze, it is about 74 and lovely.
I have so much to be content about.
I am blind to it today and I am on the pity pot.
Not a pretty picture.
So I will go and water the garden, listen to the cardinals and see if I can pull myself together and let go of the anger.

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LovingGrand said...

I'm glad you found me Jeannot! I'm intending on fluttering by as a visiting angel same as you have done for me.

Short from all the frustrations of caregiving you go through to which I can relate as us fellow caregivers know you have to live it to know it, I really do appreciate the unaltered facts that you share so intimately with me and the world. Stepping into someone else's world even for a moment is a relief to know that I'm not alone as I feel.

I've got a lot of reading to do...

Thank you.