Monday, June 29, 2009

Less knowledge of mechanics

This past week was a big change in the knowledge on how to operate more
mechanical stuff which we take for granted.
Zippers are already a thing of the past, that was months ago.
Now he can't open a can of soda anymore.
Now he can't close his belt without a great struggle.
(I think I need to invest in elastic band pants)
The velcro on his shoes does not seem to work anymore either.
Oddly he was trying to make a bow out of the strips .
Like he would have with shoe strings.
Towel rack yanked off the wall as the towel did not want to stay put.
He did not remember how to hang it on both sides.

He cuts branches from every plant and replants it in pots
in the ground, drapes them around young Bob's car,

gives water to my silk arrangements in the house.

continue to poison the dogs with daily milk sessions
so we have emergency dog runnings.

checks every one in the street's garbage bins and often brings
the bin to our house.

besides that everything is normal
or is it?

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