Friday, June 5, 2009


Today the day care called, said husband was not behaving his normal self.Agitated, she said. OK, there are days like that, said I.
Well, said she, we like him to be calmer.

Perhaps I could check his batteries when he gets home and unplug a few so he is not running on full throttle.?
WhaT do they expect in a day care full of people who have for the most part brain problem. ?????

For me it was a great day. Excellent in fact.
I did receive a new computer (gift from son) mine was becoming so slow , at times it took me 8 minutes to get my email. Let alone posting photos somewhere. This is also Vista. I think I am going to like this, now I have to learn on how to work his keyboard. A bit different.

Old Bob did not want to come out of the bus. He asked the bus driver to take him back, when he got in he sort of figured out saomething and sat down for his special shake and a sweet bun. Kicked the dog a bit and started to feel at home.

The night had not been so good.
I am almost asleep in my seat, I should have slept this afternoon but instead played Mah Jong on the new computer games. Bad girl.
I am paying for it now.

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