Monday, June 15, 2009


Why is that giving the old gent a sponge bath is like bathing the cat?

He was always so neat about his person and now he hated water and soap???

What is his mind telling him?

Worn out I am when I do that job and hate it!!!!!

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Marcus said... bathing a cat.Sorry but I had to laugh.Only because that is the best way to describe it sometimes.When I became a nurses aid in an Alz Ward I hated showering them as much as they hated getting a shower.I asked my mentor "Am I doing something wrong?".She assured me it was for their own good and if I needed help to hold them then get help but the shower must be given.I went online to learn what I can about dealing with people with Alzheimer's. I found a chat room with people that have been diagnosed with this disease and caregivers as well. I asked one Why do y'all hate showers?She thought about it for a minute and then gave me the best lesson of my life.Sensory overload.The roar of the water starts the confusion and then all the questions that bogged her mind...Is the water temperature correct?Is she going to fall?When explaining this to a resident He stated "Spray the water in your ear. Hear that roar? Now multiply that by every stream coming out of the shower head.That is what it is like".They both recommended lowering the water pressure.Would you rather have a bath.No water tickling around the waist,the feel of soap is unfamiliar with a bath or shower.I am often told I give the best shower they ever had.I give them a wash cloth to hold weather they use it or not,I reassure them everything is alright and what they do not wash I will.Do not go this alone dear Join us at Register for the chat rooms.Check out the chat schedule and come chat with people who are going through some of the same things that you are.Sometimes we are the students and sometimes we teach.Either way I will read and "listen" to your blog. Thank You for sharing. HUGS! Marcus