Monday, June 1, 2009


so, yes we have visitors from Ghent, arrived Friday.
My week end was Topsy turvy.
I had to leave hubby with son while I did a bit of run around.
Not a good combination.
At this point they do not like each other very much.
Good old dad does not know this person and is often mean to him.

ANYWAY.....I had 2 days out. (not overnight)
and it was really nice to be with "normal" adults, baby boomers!
They still have spunk and make jokes, throw bits of water on each other from the fountains,
try on hats in stores , mess up their tops with huge ice cream cones and laugh when the
chunks of chocolate chips hang on the nose.
I miss laughter.
My house is very somber.

Visiting the Biltmore castle for the umpteenth time while my feet hurt was
not a good plan for me and I did not want to spoil it for the others.
Rhonda suggested (very gently) to put me in a wheelchair, followed with:
Yes, I know you will not give in to THAT.
I surprised the crowd and said "YES" .If they wanted me along then OK
put me in a wheelchair and I will enjoy it all from a different point of view.

We followed it all up with a grab a bite at an Irish Pub in Asheville, a live
band was there to entertain us. Our friends tried the local beer and said it was
good. (Hard to get approvals from Belgians on their beer).

I had been gone from 9 to 9 but by 6PM I started to worry, worry, worry.
Thinking all sorts of stuff MIGHT be happening at home.
I just can't let go of my responsibility for this man.
I wish I could for a few hours but even when he is in day care and the
phone rings, my first thought is thatit must be the day care with bad news.
It never is.

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