Monday, May 17, 2010


Ari, tomorrow is an anniversary to remember, two years since you left us.
I still see you sitting on the porch with me and hugging me.
I still miss you a lot. Your son looks like you and his skin has that same glow as yours did. He is a nice kid.
He is so polite and I love it when he is visiting us.
Girl, you taught me so very much, you were a diamond in the rough but you were the best advocate for the ones who no longer could stand up for themselves. I had not seen so much devotion before I met you. I did not know people like you existed. Your work was not your work, it was the passion you had to help others in need so you did it with joy and determination.
You were so young and such a role model for the rest of us.
I so wish you were here to talk to me but then you always will be with us.

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