Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1 2010

So I have been in a snit all day long without a reason.

Went to the funeral service of a long time friend. She was 93. I just can't imagine being alive till 93. For one thing I do not have the money for living such a long life. Especially that at the end you have to get some bo bo's and they cost.

Drs. , nurses, hospitals, rest homes, the numbers are just making me dizzy.
I think even the well to do must be amazed at the costs.
Average rest home in the South 5800.00 a month. Not so long ago it was 4000.00 ~ it just rolls so easy out of the mouth's of the administration....5800.00 and then there is hair cuts extra , medication extra.
At one of the Alz.meetings a woman showed a bill for a psychiatrist who visited her husband once a week.
Her husband could no longer speak and was on the very last stage.
I forget the price for the expertise of the shrink communicating with an Alzheimr patient but the wife did hire a lawyer and got quite a bit slashed from her padded bill.
OK, so that did not bring up the mood.

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