Thursday, May 6, 2010


Recuperation from the broken ankle is much slower than I anticipated.
But then I am slowly understanding the gravity of the injury.
Like my kids remind me daily :"Mom, do not over do it"
"Mom put your leg up"
I truly do not need their reminder as within 30 minutes of getting up the ankle and foot swell up like a balloon.
I have more discomfort now then when it was healing.
I hardly took a pain pill in rehab, none since I came home but now it is a daily Aleve.
The foot is fine and does not hurt at all
when I wake up, the swelling just adds to the discomfort and I am not a happy camper.
I see not a hundred but a thousands
projects that I want to do and they are
all on a backburner.
So I fall asleep in my recliner (a jewel!)
while watching reruns of Judge Judy!
I think I may have a law degree before I will get to painting the house!!!!

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