Friday, May 7, 2010

Nursing homes

In the last 10 weeks I have learned many lessons.
The one I did not want to learn was about nursing homes.
Forced after my fall to give Bob up to strangers we have had to deal with 2 different places.
First one was ok but it was a hospital with a program on observations for people having problems with violence.
Not all Alzheimer patients become violent but it does happen.
Second nursing home who would accept him was more difficult as now they had him written up as "violent".
He does get so when one touches him , wants to wash him or shave him.
For a small guy barely weighing but a bit over 100lbs he can hurt you.

He was placed in different wings of the place to see where he would fit the best. He did well in the second wing but the head nurse did not think so. It seems she was understaffed and could not keep an eye on him. He did go into other people's rooms and tried to find things in their chest of drawers. (Common with A. they like to hoard)
So there had been some agitation.
Worse the nurse said and I quote" I do not like your father here"
So daughter called in the powers in charge and he was put into another wing. They seem to like him there.
An ideal place? No! Where else can you go? all the centers with lock down for Alzheimer are filled for the moment and some with waiting lists.
and then there was my experience in my rehab center. Newly acquired by a large company that place was run with total order and most of all staff who cared. I felt like it was a spa.
Their A unit is filled up too.
We are a very small town and the choices are not many. We did learn by chance that there are differences.

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