Saturday, May 15, 2010

Graduation day

I am not a big fan of graduations, for sure it is a hassle when you can't hear what they are saying 1/2 mile away and every one is clapping.
I did owe it to the girl who worked very hard for her chemistry diploma cum laude and will probably become a permanent part of our family.
She and my grandson are an item, have been for some time, probably will never marry but have a great devotion for each other and give each other a lot of space and freedom. She is bound for Africa to work on some project and he is bound for I can't even remember where.
I know Istanbul is in there somewhere ....we are to have a vacation together in July in Destin. Should be interesting.
Wild to think I have the freedom now to go some places if invited. This is a big invitation for me as I LOVE Destin.

Anyway, I people watched while the talking went on and on .....hope these professors are not that long winded in classes.  Asheville is a "new town" so to speak, a lot of young people , a lot of artists. So all style of clothing was to be observed. I went very casual , daughter very dressy, I did not give a hoot. I was there was n't I? I got up extremely early to be there too. Not my style anymore, I am a sleep in late baby these days.
Once home Rhonda continued the project of painting my office , she is a perfectionist , hope we are done by Xmas.
I am content.

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