Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's day week end

I am not one to celebrate special days.
In fact it is one of my pet peeves.
If you can't be nice to me during the rest of the year then do not bring me flowers on birthday's, mom's day or any other holiday.
Holidays are a marketing tool, fine for the rest of the world. I just like it
when I know I have kids who care all the time.
No need for gifts to let me know how they feel.
Of course, I say that after I got the nicest gift from son (because I asked him- hypocrite that I am)
he gave me a very sturdy gardening bench, one I can sit on, turn it over and I can put my knees on and pull myself up again.
Last year I no longer could get up from a sitting on the ground position. A knee is not responding to that command!
This bench is fabulous as I now have it in the arms to push myself up.
Thanks to the rehab people and my 4 lb bar!!!!
So this week end the girls and I will go out to lunch, still celebrating Sabrina's 50 th birthday plus Mom's day and
then on Sunday Rhonda will take me to the garden centers and plant in my garden what I buy.
I will remember the flowers and mothers day just fine.

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