Thursday, May 20, 2010

Painting and hurting

Rhonda started it all with painting the office wall, she has done this as a profession, she is fussy, she takes time.
She fills the cracks on the paneling so you do not know it is paneling under there. I would slap the paint on top!
I am faster, I am also sloppier.

BUT, now that I have open cans of paints around me I am also painting whatever I want to. Old Bob would have protested on some of my wild colors. Old Bob was conservative. I am partly hippy, bohemian, daredevil. Since the house is on the historical (read histerical) roster I can't change the color outside. BUT inside I can now go wild. I am transplanting the Caribean into my office, I need color, warm color.That is my mood now.
No matter that I live in the Blue Ridge Mountain region.
Outside I have been painting whatever planter needed royal blue, turquoise, etc...I have to do it in the morning, the afternoon and evening the ankle is so swollen that I need to sit with the leg up high !!!!The pain is worse now then when I had a cast on! Go figure, I am reading that a lot of "stuff" in there needs healing, tendons, muscle, veins, ligaments, whatever holds my foot together it is healing with some fight.
I am not truly complaining that much, I am lucky I can walk, but I am too much in "doing" and get frustrated. I have time for all this, it will all wait but I am not the waiting type and that I have to learn.
Sabrina coming tomorrow, I am looking forward to seeing Bob and I can ride the electric chair in the store to do my shopping. Sabrina can park in front of the store. Perks to this, I guess, but I can do without them too.

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