Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cool May

We are having weird temperatures, one day it is 80 the next it is 60.
In higher altitudes they have frost at night. I think we are about 2000 feet high.
Mothers day Sunday went well, looked for flowers but nothing got me excited, there is an abundance of petunias in all the stores. They are pretty until it rains.
I am waiting for better plants to come in.
Rhonda will paint my office and we picked the colors and paints at Lowes.
Wild colors I am into right now.
About 4 years ago I wanted red in everything. I am not a person who ever wears red but that was a weird period.
Red= anger, no doubt.
W visited Bob on Sunday since Rhonda had not seen him for awhile , Peter ran before us and Bob spotted him and went over to him. He said: "Oh My God" and shook Peters hand. No hugs.
Then he saw us and came and shook hands. No flicker in his eyes at all.
It was very busy, they were having a tea party for mothers. Lots of folks in the hallway. Bob hung on to my wrist did not want to let it go.
It took awhile to be able to get away.
Have the usual melt down in the parking lot. How I wish that I could still handle him. I have to give in that I can't.
Fortunately for my financial state he has been approved till August for Medicaid.
The bills had started to come in.....
5800 a month is a ton of money!!!!
I can breathe for awhile.

On saturday the sisters met and made up, relief. Relief. Let the drama stop.
The last 10 weeks had been too much of it.

Today is 10 weeks since my fall.
The last 2 days I feel a lot more secure in my walk but the swelling is still there.
I can see a light at the end of the "I want to walk" tunnel.

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