Saturday, July 9, 2011

The bed

"Our bed" has become "My bed".
That at first was the worst place to go back to.
Shared this for decades with my best friend and lover.
Now the queen size bed loomed enormously huge in my bedroom.

George Burns said that when Gracie died his only comfort was to sleep in her bed.
They had a lot of twin beds in those days.

So the bed was put into a corner against the wall as only one exit is needed now.
I bought some voile netting for the four poster and draped it over it and added
some of my great color shawls. Looks like an invitation for a small harem.

Bob would not have liked that design change, not at all, so now it is mine and I love it.

I make a point of sleeping right in the middle and my Maltese best friend, Bijou, sleeps tightly against my body. When I sleep I am thinking Bob is there until I wake up to reality.

It's a nice bed, every night even when he was ill we fell asleep hand in hand, somewhere in out tussles the hands fell apart while we went into dream land. I am sure I always had a smile on my face.

We did not promise to never go to sleep angry, if we were angry we just went to sleep back to back, no hand holding. Basta. We both hated these moments , fortunately they were few.

I do not have arguments with Bijou but if I pass gas he is out of there and goes to sleep at my feet!

I love my bed again.

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