Monday, July 11, 2011

Judge Judy addiction....

Old Bob hated her.
He said she was mean and bossy.
He would turn the tv off if he saw her face.
I am getting even.
Son is recording her so with reruns and new ones I have daily dosages
of the law.
She not only deals with justice the way I like to see it but she is also
When someone is arrogant to her she shakes her finger and tells him or her:"This is MY playpen" You are not going to top me!
When a couple seem to be unmatched and with elevators not going to the top, she will ask if they have kids. When the answer is NO then she yells out "Keep it that way!"
She will make a comment when some girls show up barely covered, she will ask "Where did you think you were coming today? The beach?"
I am constantly amazed at how many young people just tell the whole world that they have been in jail and smile about it.
When I was young, jail was something you hid like TB. You told no one that you had been there or had tuberculosis, these were family secrets.
Young man just stand there and say:"Oh yes, my third DUI, lawyer cost 5 grand but this girl paid for it because she likes me and I do not owe her nothin!".
The nerve!
Love that Judy!
It is an education! Write a contract! Do not sell cars to relatives !!!

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