Monday, July 11, 2011

HOT FRIES and they are not FRENCH, they ARE FLEMISH

It is 92 degrees in the kitchen and I am going for Sainthood.
I fried some chicken and now I am making my usual fries.
No the French did not invent them, the Flemish people did.
Not that I am doing this for halo's from my son.....
but because I can't be too many days without my fries...
so if the pope is reading this....make me a St Jeannot....
nah that does not sound right...but then again my baptism said I was born Johanna...


Unknown said...

I think you may have told me before but what is your secret for flemish fries???

Jeannot said...

Joy the secret is simple, most chef here know this too but most housewives do not know it.
You fry the potatoes for 2 minutes at 375 to 400 if you have an electric fryer. Put the to drain in a colander.
Time is no problem when I feel like it I will do that in the morning, they can become totally cold.
when you are ready to serve then again at 375 to 400 you put the fries in for 2 minutes.
They should be nice and crisp.
I use Canola oil and Russet Potatoes. Tried it with the golden and not so good. Golden are for smashing and lots of butter same with reds.
Hope that helps, it is so easy.
Fries should be dry before putting in the oil or your oil could boil over or spatter.