Sunday, July 10, 2011

the L2

If you are ever at odds with your L 2 you will know it.
Trust me it will take about 14 weeks (if you are pushing 80)
to get over the pain and the swallowing of Vicodin, Tylenol, beer, wine, not all of them at once. However at times this did not sound like a bad idea.

The L2 is not the transit car to a lovely destination, in my case it is a Lumbar vertebrae (L1–L5). Now I can't even remember what I did to it, break it? smash it? can it be fixed? None of this is logged into my mind.
All I knew was the pain and not being able to do very much at all.
The hips felt like they had taken in some 100 new lbs on each side.
Dr.Bones said I could not bend should sit up very straight at all times.
Gave me tons of Vicodin, I could have gone on the street corner and made
a fortune with them...if I could walk.

How did I upset this little vertebrae? I rested in my recliner to recover from having a kidney removed (cancer all gone) ,the surgery went well but what I forgot
was that on many occasions I have vertigo. SO...I got up from my seat and decided to do a pirouette maneuver and fall on my tush....that is all it took...remember next March I will be 80.....I am not the breaking a lot of bones kind...oops..I did break my ankle last March but that was because of the snow....

I am now walking on eggs....I do not yet have the OK from Dr Bones to do anything but I am feeling like a new person, no pain, hid the Vicodin, and started to weed in the yard. (Read spray with poison like Roundup).

The L2 I am assuming is happy again, restored? I do not know.

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