Friday, July 29, 2011


tomorrow the crew will come once again and trim the hedge, that thing grows like a weed, almost as fast as kudzu.
Then there is a lot of other overgrown bushes , Brie comes wih Zack and his nephew now strapping young lads.
It will be in the 90's again for they better drink a lot and stay cool as they can.

I will enjoy the end products and if things are short and cleaned up I can manage them better myself. Last year I was out of commission for broken ankle and this year the broken back....I still have to watch it all....yikes...getting old is not for sissies ...that is what they say...but then who is getting old.?


Unknown said...

I'm so glad you are doing better J! Our yard although mowed is overgrown right now with vines. It's so hard in this weather to get outside. Even Z my outdoors kid rarily asks to go outside unless water is involved. ;)I do not wish for time to speed up but I long for fall weather.

Gypsy said...

Would love to see photos of the blooms!

Jeannot said...

The blooms are beginning to droop but the hosta garden look great