Monday, August 1, 2011

the house of smiles

something is happening in our house....the tears are dryed up most of the time....the pain is almost all gone....both physical and emotional....the garden is starting to look finances are better...but most of all love has entered these walls.
These walls have been too moisterized with my tears for a decade or more.
The walls are hearing more and more laughter....son is happy...that is an elusive word that I no longer son is content and I am content.
Son is finding new love. It may be forever, it may be for a short time, who knows but love is giving him a lot of hope, he is going to try to get healed by his own will
if possible.
You can tell he is better because he jokes with me and he puts his arms around me more often. We both need "the touch". Another human being just hugging you and
meaning it. He did not do that for a long time, he was lost in his own
sadness and he does not b s people.
What Bob what he gives you is what he is capable of and means it, good or bad.
I see him in front of the screen doing the sKYPE visit in the evening and he is
all smiles. He is a good man.
I have hope for him and I am all for it, the healing, the new life, another grandson (age 5) ...all is well in my world....


Angela said...

Sooo... I had to come here to see how you are doing!Not enough hugs have passed between us lately, but no excuses are needed, I just hope you still know where I am when you want to "talk"
The heat is not helping my mood, I don't cope with temperatures above 75 :-))) but you have that kind of weather for such a long time now.
Still, even so, I wish I could be with you in that beautiful house of smiles xxx Enjoy ...

Gypsy said...

That's very good news indeed!