Saturday, August 27, 2011

My mother said:

That in every calamity or disaster someone will benefit....
How so? I thought.
She was right.
Very simple example:
I fall down the steps in the snow.
I break my ankle in 3 places.
I give work to :
2 ambulance drivers
staff of many at the ER
surgeon, his helper, his nurses, the guy who makes me sleep
the room nurses around the clock
the janitor who cleans my room
the people who wash the sheets
the therapist who insists I walk a bit
then the service to get me to rehab (2 guys)
rehab: around the clock nurses
nurses aids
cleaning ladies
cooks for my meal
therapists by the dozen
visits to the dr more special drivers
then home and a visiting nurse every other day
therapist too.

6 months later I am without pain and can walk.
I gave a lot of people a lot of work.
Somebody benefits.

During the war my mother said:
Every body benefits from misfortune except in the war.
We die, get shot, bombarded etc...the only ones to
benefits are the undertakers and the casket maker.
The men who dig holes to put you in.
Well, she said with a laugh, I never met an undertaker who is not jolly.
He can count on work no matter the world economy or politics. People will die.

Just reflecting on what mother said.

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