Monday, August 29, 2011

Irene out of here? On way to Canada?

I have not watched the news this morning.
I am on news overload.
I was so antsy and at times started to think I had to move the garden furniture.
I became disoriented at times...not good.

The boat people have decisions to make and if you read Rhonda's answer to Ana then you know that they expect a lot of debris on the Hudson.

Debris and cleaning up water in many townships is the heartache now.
Seeing the lovely New England houses row by row in water breaks my heart.

Getting all these sick people back to N Y will be a project.

Rand sent a photo taken from a high building in NY , you see the street below and five huge trees all down in the middle of the street like dominoes...

Mother would have said it is good for the tree farmers and landscape artists.

Maybe not, maybe there is not going to be enough in the budgets to replant.

I keep looking out at that naked, dead tree a street up from me it will fall this winter, it will just miss my house but will drop on the cop's house if it falls in our direction.
I doubt the lady who owns it has the funds to have it cut down. She is somewhat of a recluse.

Sabrina sounds like Lauren Bacall, she has problems in the windpipes for sure...

A new week and less worries....Imagine that!!! Great!!!!

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