Sunday, August 28, 2011

boat found in perfect shape

we can relax now.
Is there another one coming our wAY? A hurricane I mean, someone emailed me that but that is a cruel joke, no?


Gypsy said...

Not a cruel joke. We were looking at Ana. I hear there's another one brewing besides her. I'm on the look out for tornadoes. The clouds are moving at an incredible speed across the sky. I think we had a mini twister come through about an hour ago.

We don't know where to sail to next. They are experiencing all sorts of trauma up towards Maine and Canada. If another storm is brewing it's not safe to head south.

Too tired to think about much more than tonight and staying safe.

We'll continue to keep you poster.

Jeannot said...

Ana? we have an Ana , yikis, I was reading about a Jose that will be out of here soon but nothing about ana....yikes