Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Brie still sickly and the Hudson river in 1954

She said she could not even find the cough syrup Robitussin (sp) it was all sold out.
I guess there is something good about being isolated in your house , you do not see people but you do not see sick people either. Ha!

Ran out of dog food and waiting for my ride in the meantime i am checking the freezer and making them salmon with rice. It is good to be a dog in my house, believe me.

I am back to calm but I have no appetite, what is up with that??
No wonder my hypogl.....is kicking in I forgot to eat lunch.
I also slept 3 hours this afternoon.
I should be a beauty by now if I am getting all this beauty sleep.
I think it is a "wrinkle" sleep.

I was thinking a lot about the Hudson river last week as Irene embraced the area.
I went back to 1954 ,living in Montreal waiting for a visa and my sponsors to arrive stateside. My then husband and I purchased a 1949 or 47 I am not sure Studebaker, green, it was a dud, of course we knew nothing about cars, none of our peers back home had cars as yet so we were very proud of that clunker.
The Schachts (our sponsors) arrived in Camp Kilmer New Jersey after their last tour of duty in Germany. With them came my dishes, my clock, my most beloved Spooky.
I had to give up Spooky for my dream to come to the US.
Spooky was a wirehaired terrier and loved me and vice versa. He was my baby.
The Schachts came to gethim in Ghent before we departed and I can still see him on
the back of the seat just looking at me "What have you done?" he said.
I crumbled for weeks thereafter.
So now we have a chance to go visit while still waiting for our immigration visa.
We managed to get a visitors visa and get into the car , no insurance, no worries but getting to the USA for a visit.
The Studebaker soon told us it liked oil. Not gasoline but oil. At every small and big town we filled the oil while we left somewhat of a trail of smoke.
As we crossed the border I did some more crying, I was home and I could not stay.
It was just a short visit. I believe the only super highway finished then was
the NJ Turnpike. We just went from village to village enjoying every white church and steeple as I seen in the Life Magazines I had looked at back home.
America was as beautiful as I had been dreaming.
Then we came to a point that we followed the Hudson, I remember at one curve we were shocked as in front of us were hundreds of left to rust army boats of all sizes.
They looked to me like all "Seapower" size, the boat who came to repair our elctricity in 1945 and parked in front of my door at the Canal of Terneuzen.
We stopped and just stood in wonder of all this hardware which no doubt had seen a lot of war and had been the place where people had died.
It was a somber view hard to wrap your head around it.
The ride in the Catskills had surprised me as their were many hotels and resorts and on some they had signs "Gentiles only" ,I did not understand what this was until Sergeant Schacht explained it to me.
Once we found Camp kilmer it was a closed camp. I think Eisenhower had closed a lot of them. My friends were the skeleton crew to keep order in the barracks and they lived in a huge barrack with room to dance around in it.
Spooky came slowly towards us but did not know us and my heart started to break in pieces....I yelled out : Spooky, Spooky!
He knew that voice and came running at me in full speed jumping in my arms.
We were there 3 days and he never left my legs, in the bathroom, the shower, by the bed , Spooky was there. He broke my heart, we could not have taken him back to Canada, we were not allowed dogs in our apartment and we were hoping to get the permanent visa any day now (took another year).
I left my heart om N J that year and the return to Montreal was anything but fun with the smoking Studebaker.
The Hudson River did not seem that great now and the boats did not even make us stop on the return.
A week or so later a letter came from America.
The Schachts were in shock and in pain too, Spooky had just gone to sleep and died 3 days after we left. He had a broken heart.

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Unknown said...

Well I think you are a beauty and I will admit almost EVERY afternoon I take a nap. I have since the kids were babies. Fortunately the kids know mama is a much nicer mama with an hour of quiet so they are cooperative. Do you have my phone number? Please call me if you ever need something from the store. Z has violin lessons very close to you and your house is probably just 10 minutes away from our home. My mom is on the other coast and I so appreciate my brothers/nieces looking out for her....so if you ever need something it would make me feel like I was "paying it forward" for something that I'm not able to do for my mother.