Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shopping day

It is cooling down, we will reach 80 today and I can feel autumn in my bones.
Nice not to turn on all the fans and being able to breathe.

The new Roomba is a peach, I work her in every room every day and stay on top of
Carwen's shedding, this one is not so temperamental with cords, she seems to be able to dance her way out of entanglements but she is fussy about her brushes. She stops more then the old one and tells me: clean my brushes. There is hardly a pile up on her brushes but she wants them cleaned so I do it. When she is tired she goes to her station and parks herself. I hardly pick up anything with the vacuum when I followed her one day.

Short list for shopping today but we have a haircut planned.

I love the tomatoes I have grown, started them late but have them now to enjoy.
Next year I will do some more.

Zack started school yesterday, he is now a towering junior, he overshadows us all and finding shoes is not easy for him. He does take after his Fisher Grandpa.
Fortunately he does not hunt.

getting ready for my weekly lunch and shopping day. love it!


Gypsy said...

Zack started his junior year! Seems like forever since I started mine. Peter says, "Seems early don't you think?" His turn is coming. Tell Teresa not to cut your hair too short!

Jeannot said...

I have to cut it short, scalp is one rug of psoriasis, I have to oil it ever4y night and have to be able to get to it.