Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bijou is a thief

He managed to talk the big dog to get the pot roast piece on the counter, when it fell he took it away from the big dog and ran to his caqe and growled at me for wanting to take it away. He probably will have heart burn all night....serves him right!

My bf in Belgium celebrated their 60th anniversary yesterday, there it means reception in city hall!!!!Then they had a special dinner out and it was a great feast. Her husband lived across the street from me when I was born, I think he us about 4 years older than I. She went to my school and I knew her forever , we3 lost touch for a long while. My mother did not like me to run around with other people when I visited. She always paid for my trip and she wanted me to herself.
After she passed on I revisited Elza more often and now her husband and I email
every day. Congratulations you two!!!!!!60 years is what it would have been if I had not divorced numero uno, I take it back I would not have stayed alive so long.
I probably would have killed him and be in jail or death.
I too had married a few months before E and G.

E. stayed in her mom's house all these years, I was a gypsy and went all over the place, Canada, East Coast, West Coast back to Europe then to the South.

I have looked for blue butterflies to come around. Last year I could not get rid of one, he would come and sit on my shoulder for the longest time and fly around my head, the last tattered one we saw was when we put Bob's ashes in the river in the forest. All I get now is white moths.

Who has been messing with my scale. This morning I got on and saw immediately that I was reading kilos. Now that is not upsetting to me, I was born in kilo land and grew up in meters. Yesterday it was set on lbs!!!!

Got to go and prepare for night night with fat belly Bijou.

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